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PCGX Series

Precleaner, cleaner, size sorter.

The SABINA-AGROTUL PCGX Grain Screener series is the right equipment for small to medium scale grain and seeds processing. The PCGX Series covers a wide array of applications aimed not only to bulk grain coming directly from the crops but to precision cleaning, size sorting with or without additional vacuum system for fine debris aspiration or hollow grains and shells.
Specialty applications include, for example, protein concentration deriving from the combined operation of screening and vacuuming of broken pericarps of oilseeds and shells.

Starting at  $15,799.99



Heavy-duty knob locking mechanism with a safety kill switch that stops machine operation if the door is open. 


The oscillatory movement is provided by a mechanical crankshaft and connecting rod system mounted on pillow bearings. This system is counterbalanced to reduce vibrations that flow out to the rest of the equipment.


Each screen deck is comprised of a screen frame, a wafer of screens adjusted on fasteners. Each screen wafers comes with special rubber balls that ensure the screen is not blocked with debris.  


The heart of the unit is a steel-framed box that supports the vibratory system and the different screens on which the grain, seeds and other materials are being progressively separated in size as they crawl down the deck.


The units that include our proprietary vacuum system are equipped with a uniquely designed feed hopper that allows for the separation of empty husks, shells, and other light debris before the grain is fed onto the screen deck thus increasing the separation efficiency and delivering a much cleaner grain.The material that is suctioned off the flow of grain to a speed slightly inferior to the critical speed of seeds and healthy grain - mainly composed of hollow grain and shells- is accelerated through a circular shaped peripheral duct allowing the accumulation of these solids at an offset location. A sudden change in the cross-sectional shape of this duct force these solids to detach from the airflow, falling by gravity to a collector discharge chute.  

Other Features

  • The PCGX series is designed to be compact, highly reliable, and versatile with regards to the workspace area.  Our machines can do 5 to 7 separation layers on one pass.

  • Complete integration, all discharge ports are located at the machine’s length-end, allowing the continuity of the process flow without additional auxiliary equipment.

  • Built-in final cyclonic separation hopper to capture most of the fine dust and debris possible. This hopper brings a collection bag latching system at the discharge point.

  • Upper discharge flange included for coupling extra filter cleaning separation systems for applications that produce high debris to air ratio and the air needs to be discharged inside the work environment.

  • Feed vacuuming box that separates light debris from grain flow easily moves outwards to allow the removal of screen decks without utilizing any tooling nor disassembling any additional mechanical element.

  • Inside the feed vacuuming box, a horizontal cyclonic separator is in place to prevent the obstructions and premature wear of the vacuum system.

  • The main deck is supported by fiberglass-resin spring strips essential to transmit the oscillatory movement. These are designed for long life under the described operational environment.

  • Two-rotor vacuum fan, with airflow control.  Inspection hatch allows the operator to inspect all inner mechanical elements and clean the unit.

  • Machine frame built of structural steel designed and fabricated to maximize machine stability and integrity while conveniently allowing swift access to inspection and maintenance on all parts.

  • Deck frame built on 2, 3 and 4 levels. The frame is lightweight to optimize oscillating performance while holding great strength. The frames are inserted through slide racks which are then latched and secured in all coordinated for proper operation. The change of screens can be performed in a matter of minutes!

  • The screens are installed over a frame with cross-sectional racks, which increases the rigidity of the screening surface, thus avoiding the commonly known concave deformations which are very detrimental to the performance of the machine and the quality of the product. The screens are fabricated in sections, which allows also to change specific high-wear areas more often than the others improving the operational cost of the unit.

  • Vibration mechanism is crankshaft-connecting rod style with counterweights. Everything is mounted on quality heavy duty bearings specifically designed for long life under the described operational environment.




Dimensions are in mm.

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