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Bean Polisher

The SABINA-AGROTUL PAFX Grain Pulisher series is the right equipment used to remove dust from bean kernels. Through the friction of the grain with the polishing elements, they achieve a noticeably polished grain. Prior to polishing the grains, it is required to be processed by pre-cleaning equipment or sieve with aspiration.

This equipment is fed manually or mechanically to its feeding or loading hopper, by means of a drawer the flow that falls to a type of corduroy that joins the two cylinders where the grain is polished is regulated.

Starting at  $6,799.99

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Product discharge with bag support enables efficient manual product packaging. It also facilitates mechanized discharge into a bucket elevator for streamlined operations.


The polishing chamber is where all the bean polishing action takes place. Inside it are the screened cylinders where the bean polishing process occurs. Be sure to keep the door closed during the process.


The polishing process takes place inside the polishing cylinders. Inside the cylinders are the polishing devices made of leather and towel. As we understand that it may be difficult to find these materials in your country, we are sending you a complimentary replacement and a template to make them yourself.


The hopper of the bean polisher, with its distinctive conical shape, features a sight glass that enables the operator to oversee the bean level at all times, ensuring a consistent feed into the polishing process. This structure, constructed with durable materials, guarantees uniform and controlled feeding for efficient machine operation.


In the smaller part of the hopper is the manual flow regulator gate. It opens and closes with the long-lasting metal knob, allowing you to increase or decrease the flow as needed.


The bean polishing machine comes with a factory-installed speed controller. The reason for this is that this electrical device will allow you to adjust the speed of the cylinder movement, enabling you to regulate the machine so that no matter what variety of bean you are processing, the grain will not be cracked.





Dimensions are in mm.

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