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We offer a complete line of grain-processing machinery

Your one-stop manufacturer for grain grinding, separating, cleaning, sorting and conveying equipment.

At Sabina-Agrotul we relentlessly work to offer you nothing but the best. Our combined experience of more than 100 years is focused on designing and fabricating high quality and dependable grain processing and handling equipment at affordable prices.

Affordable Milling

These rugged, highly efficient compact mills offer size and configuration options to match all particle size reduction needs. Inquire about your milling goals with our equipment.

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The ideal stand-on equipment to quickly achieve a homogenous mix from granular and powdery feeds. Add-ons such as molasses injectors are also available.


Get the right Mix

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Clean and Sort

Bring out the best of your grain and leave the bad stuff behind. Our sorters can be adapted for pre-cleaning, cleaning, and sorting operations. 

Efficient Hulling 

Our hulling machines peel parchment coffee through the friction between the grains themselves and among the internal elements arranged for this purpose: rotor veins, adjustable stator vein, and screening bottom

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Gravity Separator

For grains according to their density, combining the effects of an ascending air current and the oscillations of its internal mechanism. This causes the denser grains to rise to the top layer and separate from the rest of the flow.

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Grain Polisher

The bean polisher is utilized to remove dust from beans and other type of grains. Through the principle of friction of the grain with the polishing elements, it achieves notably polished beans improving its visual presentation and increasing overall quality of the product.

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